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Worth the Wait

Connor Edwards has been redeemed by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ – …

For The Addicts

Breathe Again by Swingin Hammers Nashville Tennessee’s Swingin Hammers is Benjamin Rupe, father, …

Is This The End

We’re Okay by ghostbird John Trent Hancock (Vocals/Guitar) & Mike Cooper (Drummer) make …

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The Unheard is a place where you can discover music from bands with small audiences. These are artists you would almost never hear on the radio. Each band/singer has less than 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and some musicians will even have less than 100. Thus when you come here you’ll find unheard music. Visit the criteria page for further information on how we select our featured Artists.

My goal is that this website would be a place where people can find “Unheard” music worthy of being listened to. I would like to introduce people to their next favorite artist or at least start them on a musical journey they would have not otherwise taken.

My dream for this website is that we could be a place that would give under-the-radar artists a bump, maybe even a second chance, and that The Unheard would grow into a community of music lovers supporting the little known artist who deserve to be more well known artists.